all ages & abilities welcome!

Unmatched expertise with lessons from a true professional!

Our immediate goal is that every child can jump or fall into a body of water  & return to the wall unassisted. We work on extended swimming with rollovers to get a breath, as part of our beginner lessons.

Adult & Baby

Introduce your baby to basic aquatic skills with Swim With P.A.S.S.! Our fully qualified teachers lead fun games & swimming activities in a safe warm environment The lessons incorporate, socializing, bonding as well as lots of fun!

As the baby’s strength & awareness increases, we start to introduce more difficult skills, as well as building their water confidence & safety skills.    

Learning is obtained through lots of action songs, fun games & play with toys to ensure that a water-baby is always a happy baby!

Children are grouped in ages 6 months - 18 months, & 18 months+.

Pre School

We group a maximum of 4 children to the qualified instructor, with the emphasis on fun these lessons!  These are great ways for your child to learn water confidence, as well as the fundamentals of swimming.  


These classes are designed for school-aged children, that are unable to swim unaided. 

With a maximum of 4 children per qualified instructor, we focus on teaching water confidence, the fundamentals of swimming & independence in the water. 


These classes are aimed at children who can swim unaided for a distance of 10 feet both front and back. 

We will focus on body position, a propulsive stroke & confidence, including safety skills.

In Improver plus classes, we promote teaching correct body positions, leading them into an easy transition into an efficient stroke.  This class is aimed at children who can swim unaided for a distance of 20 feet front, back & breaststroke.

We will focus on breathing technique & timing in order to produce an effective stroke.


It's never too late to learn how to swim or to perfect your swimming skills!  From beginner to advanced we have a class for you !